This blog was created as a partial fulfillment of Computer Assisted Language Learning (TSL 641) course taken by Part 8 students of B. Ed TESL program of UiTM Shah Alam. The course required students to design an online site that would provide assistance to teachers and students in one specific language skill. We were given six skills to choose from; Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Literature and I  had decided that my blog would focus on reading skill. 

The awareness that engagement is essential to reading comprehension  and motivational level of the readers had directed me to shape this blog as the way it is now. This site, or also known as Your Reading Guru emphasizes on developing and improving students' reading fluency and comprehension. In conjunction, I had selected Reader's Theater as the main mean to achieve the aims aforementioned.

There are four main sections in this site. The first section, Reader's Theater deals on Reader's Theater in general; what is reader's theater, the importance of reader's theater and the benefits of reader's theater to name a few. The second section, Teaching Tips provides instructional strategies to assist teachers in implementing successful reader's theater activities in the classrooms. The third section, Sample Scripts is for teachers and students to browse through a collection of scripts that may be used for Reader's Theater activity. The fourth section, Activities provides various Reader's Theater related activities. The last section, Other Resources links the site to other external sites which provides meaningful sources for Reader's Theater.

Even though it was first created to fulfill the academic requirement, I am hoping this site would continue to grow and thus become one of the avenues for teachers and students to look for information regarding Reader's Theater.         

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